dawson's desktop goodbye    
  They say all good things must come to an end, and unfortunately the old adage couldn't be truer as we say goodbye to Dawson's Desktop. We have truly enjoyed the past four years, and share pride at the innovation in online storytelling Dawson's Desktop represented. Over the years, we’ve been proud of our connection with "Dawson's Creek" and we hope that all of you have enjoyed The Desktops, and Summer Diaries.

Without a doubt the most satisfying aspect of our efforts were all of you -- the "Dawson's Creek" fans. It was because of your passionate interest that we were able to launch such an ambitious project in the first place. So it is with some regret that we bid you farewell. Keep the memories of the time you've spent here over the years in your heart and know that we do too. If you still want to share your experiences with about the topic and get to know what other people think you can purchase followers for your Instagram account and keep abreast of the happenings and developments through your instagram page.

Best of luck in the future…

Ann Glenn, Arika Mittman and Chris Pike
The DawsonsDesktop.com Team

This site is under heavy reconstruction. Email:info@dawsonsdesktop.com


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